They are rather spontaneous, short and simple, shot with and edited on my iPhone.
The newest on top.





Sommelius and I held two exhibitions in 2011 with pictures of war and peace – a selection of our works from ex-Yugoslavia and Burundi.

To many people it is a bit difficult to imagine how a print is created. Here is how it happens: When you have downloaded a digital file (photo) from your camera to the computer and processed it there by means of some software program like PhotoShop, your computer is  connected to the printer which – when printing like here – carries out millions of orders it receives from the computer. Here you see how the print head of an Epson R 2880 inkjet printer rushes back and forth while dropping pigment on to the paper surface. Depending on the format of the piece the printing itself may take from a minute to 5-10 minutes. After that you let it dry and give it a surface spray to protect it.

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