I like to create short videos, both to document places and exhibitions or fairs and to give you a few glimpses from my studio or work process. You’ll see that in many posts.

The main collection of somewhat longer videos is on Vimeo.

Secondly, I’ve grown fascinated with Facebook Live streaming because it has so many possibilities. Seconds after you’ve done a live broadcast, it’s turned into a video and can be posted anywhere, also outside Facebook.

You’ll find these videos here and there on this blog, on Instagram, on Facebook as well as Google+.

All the videos are rather spontaneous, short and simple, shot with and edited on my iPhone.

Here the oldest from 2011, very simple and nowhere else to be viewed.





Sommelius and I held two exhibitions in 2011 with pictures of war and peace – a selection of our works from ex-Yugoslavia and Burundi.

To many people it is a bit difficult to imagine how a print is created. Here is how it happens: When you have downloaded a digital file (photo) from your camera to the computer and processed it there by means of some software program like PhotoShop, your computer is  connected to the printer which – when printing like here – carries out millions of orders it receives from the computer. Here you see how the print head of an Epson R 2880 inkjet printer rushes back and forth while dropping pigment on to the paper surface. Depending on the format of the piece the printing itself may take from a minute to 5-10 minutes. After that you let it dry and give it a surface spray to protect it.

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