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shoot # 56 – Art photo gift and gateway for you

rothkopainting2b_lessred_phshMark Rothko at Tate Modern © Jan Oberg 2016

Lund, October 12, 2016
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Dear Art Friend

Welcome to shoot # 56 – A gateway
The photo above is a digital gift – a moment of joy or reflection – to you from Oberg PhotoGraphics.

A special welcome to many new subscribers and social media and other friends – here is the preceding shoot. 

shoot aims to stimulate art curiosity and share positive stuff. It’s a gateway to the online “flip” GlobalArt Magazine, the blog I write as an art recommender, not art critic.

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New editions including one of Mark Rothko
Oberg PhotoGraphics’ homepage has changed to become more easy to navigate. Several new works uploaded, see Recent Editions. I’m proud of them all.

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The Photographers’ Gallery and Deutsche Börse Prize

The Photographers’ Gallery in London – a few minutes from Oxford Circus – is a must for the photo enthusiast. It’s the type of institution any city should have in some shape or form as part of its cultural policy. The Photographers’ Gallery could serve as a model or inspiration, I believe, to anyone.

This is how the history of the place is presented on its homepage:

The Photographers’ Gallery was founded in 1971 by Sue Davies OBE in a converted Lyon’s Tea Bar at No. 8 Great Newport Street in London’s Covent Garden.

Free to the public, it was the first gallery in the world to be devoted solely to photography. The aim, born from Davies’ own passion for photography, and frustration that it was denied the consideration and exhibition platform of other visual arts, was to provide a proper home for photographers and their work, as well as establish the medium as a serious art form. Through an illuminating and influential programme of exhibitions, talks and educational activities, the Gallery elevated photography as an artistic and cultural leader whilst promoting its vital role as a social and historical document.

1971…the first gallery in the world devoted solely! Oh, how late in the history of art – and Oh, how fast things have changed!

Here is everything you may want to know before visiting this place which has changing exhibitions, library and education, print and book sales, online bookstore, lecture and meeting facilities, cafeteria and more – and still it is not big. You can see everything in an hour or two.


The main show when I visited was of the four shortlisted candidates for the Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation Prize 2016: Laura El-Tantawy, Erik Kessels, Tobias Zielony and Trevor Paglen.

It was announced on June 10 that Paglen was the winner. Continue reading

In Memoriam Viggo Rivad 1922 – 2016 (in Danish)

Rivad med et selvportræt, fotograferet i marts 2015 © Jan Øberg

Rivad med et selvportræt, fotograferet i marts 2015 © Jan Øberg

Viggo Rivad
Født 3. juli 1922, død 8. februar 2016

Af Jan Øberg

Viggo Rivad, grand old man i dansk fotografi, debuterede i 1946 og prægede området i næsten 70 år.

Han har givet Danmark en mængde klassiske billedserier som Et Farvel, Lauritz, Kofoeds Skole ogB & W Teglholmen, et antal fotobøger fra den store verden, udsmykninger for DSB og Kastrup Lufthavn, 40.000 negativer på Det kongelige Bibliotek og en samling på Fotomuseet i Odense. Hans retrospektive udstilling dér i 2012 talte 180 værker. 

Rivad var menneskefotograf. I dyb respekt for sine subjekter løftede han de underpriviligerede, gamle og marginaliserede op til værdighed. Han lærte dem at kende før han tog kameraet frem, – ja han flyttede endog ind hos dem som på Kofoeds Skole og hos BZerne.

Han var den fotografiske fortæller par excellence – og en fremragende fortæller om sine billeder. Kun sjældent om sig selv. Beskedenhed er et nøgleord for Rivad, der ikke ville leve af sin kunst men tjente sit levebrød som taxachauffør i det København han boede i hele livet, elskede og fotograferede. Continue reading

Shoot # 44


Viggo #2_Medium

Viggo Rivad 2009  © Jan Oberg

Lund, February 14, 2016
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Hi dear friend

Welcome to shoot # 44

– a digital photo gift from Oberg Photographics – a moment of meditation with which I wish you a good ‘weekbegin’. A special welcome to new subscribers, connections, likers and friends on social media. Here is the preceding shoot.

Viggo Rivad 1922-2016
I usually wish you a good weekend, but this week I’m late because the grand old man of Danish photography, Viggo Rivad, who was also my photo mentor just passed away at the age of 93.

He was a pioneer in more than one sense and although little known outside Denmark, Rivad was beyond doubt in the class of artists like Cartier-Bresson and Robert Doisneau. And living quite withdrawn and modestly in the city that he loved. A bit like Saul Leiter.

Rivad did not want his art to be money-driven. He earned his living most of his time as a taxi driver in Copenhagen.

We met in 1983 during a visit to China and I learned more from him than words can tell – everything photography, people and art but not technology, digitalisation or commercialism. We were friends to the end and I’m working on a short movie about his life and art.

A few years ago I created the official website about his work, with his co-operation and endorsement. I invite you to experience a life-long humanist photography – marginalised people, happy people, moving photo series, documentary from around the world, love and much more.

My deep gratitude and commemorative words here.

Please take your time and return. I hope you’ll leave a few words behind on its front page.

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“Pictures At An Exhibition” video
Thanks to the amazing new technology you can visit my studio no matter where in the world you are. It’s not like visiting ‘live’ but it may give you an impression now the exhibiton is closed.

Notice also the video below about my 10-piece suite of “The Rouen Cathedral” inspired by both Claude Monet and Roy Lichtenstein.

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My best
Jan Oberg

Homepage for Viggo Rivad

Viggo Rivad is the grand old man of photography in Denmark. He turned 90 in July 2012 and is still going strong – although he says that he has now done his duty when it comes to taking pictures. That is true. He has donated about 40,000 to the Photography Museum in Odense and to the National Library.

Viggo is my mentor. We met in 1983 when we were both members of a Danish delegation going to China, arranged by the China-Denmark Friendship Association. I had just bought my first SLR – Single-Lens Reflex – Cannon camera and in Tokyo, on the way to Beijing – I added an advanced zoom lens. He taught me a lot of “tricks” during that trip and his sense of humour became legendary in the group. We met after that trip too, now and then but not that often.


Viggo Rivad 2009                             © Jan Oberg 2009

Photographers are usually not that happy about being photographed. Viggo was no exception, but in 2007 he accepted that I took a few shots of him in his small flat in Copenhagen where he had lived for decades. I felt it was an honour, an act of friendship – the feeling that I was accepted not only as me but also as someone who could take photos, someone he trusted.

Before I decided to set up my own studio and become more serious about photography, I consulted with many and sought their advice. I avoided some mistakes, but not all – perhaps fortunately. After having opened the studio in May 2009, the 2nd exhibition I arranged was with a selection of Viggo Rivad’s classical pictures – both black-and-white (which he is most known for) but also colours (which he wants people to take into account too). I felt that his works should be my first “real” exhibition.

It was a lovely co-operation; Continue reading