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News “shoot” 62

Here the newsletter shoot # 62 from May 14, 2017. An tour d’horizon of Oberg PhotoGraphics: the studio and exhibitions, ongoing works, links to our blog, videos, Instagram etc. Enjoy!

Shoot # 55 – Newsletter from Oberg PhotoGraphics

Lund, September 4, 2016 Click on images for info, links or prices  Content   • Venice: Can it be saved? • Iran • Abstract photography • Victoria & Albert Museum • Landskrona Photo Festival • Instagram • Cultural Night in Lund, Sweden: Jan Oberg – Oberg PhotoGraphics – Click Dear art photography friend Shall Venice die? It’s been known for quite some time that Venice in Italy is sinking … Read More Shoot # 55 – Newsletter from Oberg PhotoGraphics

Venice sinks – What can be done?

“Can we save Venice before it is too late?” – asks Salvatore Settis on the Opinion Pages of the International New York Times. He is the chairman of the Louvre Museum’s scientific advisory council and the author of the – not forthcoming as INYT says – already published book “If Venice Dies.” With a shrinking population – today only 56,000 inhabitants – and as many … Read More Venice sinks – What can be done?

Nya foton & lördagsöppet i december

Hej fotov??n!T??nk lite annorlunda: Ge fotokonst som julklapp! Med priser p?? mellan 125 och 7 000 sv kronor – beroende p?? storlek, kategori, teknik och media – kan du hos ??berg FotoGrafik alltid hitta n??got som blir en positiv ??verraskning f…

Venice in peril – Save Venice

I recently visited Venice – the Biennale, of course. Art critics, directors and commentators have many sophisticated views about the Biennale. That’s fine with me. I take it as a week-long bombardment of inspiration and – mostly – wonderful experi…

Venezia Series

Late last night I finished a series of four abstract collages based on photos taken in Venice two weeks ago. There contain mixes of Canon-made photos and Hipstamatic iPhone images. They are lose compositions of shots of many kinds, just reflecting…