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Shoot # 55 – Newsletter from Oberg PhotoGraphics

Lund, September 4, 2016
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Venice Morning 2012 © Jan Oberg


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Dear art photography friend

Shall Venice die?

It’s been known for quite some time that Venice in Italy is sinking and being destroyed also by over-tourism: 20 million per year in a city of 56,000 inhabitants whose number has fallen dramatically the last few years.

Many of you may have visited Venezia. Can you imagine it dead? I can’t, but it is a realistic scenario and I’ve written a bit about this tragedy on my art blog inspired by art historian Salvatore Settis’ recent wake-up call in the International New York Times and his new book, If Venice Dies.

I forward modest ideas about what can perhaps be done to stop this slow death, world attention to it being one.

But where is the EU in this? Where is the world beyond the market and profit-making? Venice is about a world heritage, not just Venice or Europe.

The photo above is from that unique city, shot at the best time of the year there, in early January when there are almost no tourists.

Anonymous in Venice © Jan Oberg 2015 – Click

Welcome to shoot # 55
It’s a digital gift and will appear only here and on my homepage, a moment of joy or reflection to you from Oberg PhotoGraphics.

A special welcome to many new subscribers and social media friends. Here is the

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Venice sinks – What can be done?

“Can we save Venice before it is too late?” – asks Salvatore Settis on the Opinion Pages of the International New York Times. He is the chairman of the Louvre Museum’s scientific advisory council and the author of the – not forthcoming as INYT says – already published book “If Venice Dies.”

With a shrinking population – today only 56,000 inhabitants – and as many as 20 million visitors per year, Venice’s very existence is indeed threatened.

That Venice is in peril – well, that has been known for quite some time. And the diagnosis of the malaise is quite clear too: Greed, short-sightedness, corruption etc. being central catchwords. And fundamentally: the lack of appreciation of non-material, cultural creation that characterizes the ‘market’ lead, profiteering epoch in which we live.

Group Selfie: Tourists Turn Their Backs To Venice’s History @ Jan Oberg 2016

Fortunately, there are constructive initiatives – but they don’t seem to be able to turn the trend. Venice is also sinking physically…

One very important such initiative is the 40+ years one with exactly that title – Venice in Peril and its Fund. There is the wonderful initiative by globally renown photographers who took photos in Venice and put the income from auctioning them into doing good for Venice – see the book and website of Real Venice.

I’m sure there are many others, I haven’t investigated it.

I have been to Venice many times. I love it. It’s a favourite destination for my photography.

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Nya foton & lördagsöppet i december

Tänk lite annorlunda: Ge fotokonst som julklapp!

Med priser på mellan 125 och 7 000 sv kronor – beroende på storlek, kategori, teknik och media – kan du hos Öberg FotoGrafik alltid hitta något som blir en positiv överraskning för mottagaren. Eller kanske du tänkt att skapa lite förnyelse på dina egna väggar, arbetsrummet eller ditt företag?


Venezia Morning © Jan Oberg 2012

Signerade verk i begränsade upplagor och med tryckdokumentation kommer aldrig att förlora värde i en värld av (överdriven) massproduktion.
Dessutom uppvärderas fotokonsten i dessa år överallt internationellt, också vad gäller priser.

I december hänger det ett 40-tal bilder av mänga olika slag i mitt lilla galleri – tryckta på fine art papers, canvas och stål…

Massor av nya foton på hemsidan

Dessutom har jag uppdaterat min fotohemsida med många nya bilder från 2012 – titta gärna in på min hemsida och föreställ dig dessa i olika format på olika platser. Kategorierna är bl a: Meditationer, Speglar, Collage, Platser runt om i världen, Lundafoton, Porträtt, Unikat & Experiment, samt Digitala Teckningar.


Ginkaku-ji Garden, Kyoto © Jan Oberg 2012

Det finns också – bläddra här –  “Phoetry – 75 Poetic Photographs of Lund” till 220 kronor, en idealisk Lunda-present, signerad och numrerad (Kommunen har just köpt den som present åt sina gäster).

Jag kommer att hålla “öppet galleri” på dessa lördagar: 1:a, 8:e och 15:e december.
Tid: 12-16

För andra tider – ring först på 0738 52 52 00 eller skriv till janoberg@mac.com

Hjärtligt välkommen

Jan Öberg

Venice in peril – Save Venice

I recently visited Venice – the Biennale, of course. Art critics, directors and commentators have many sophisticated views about the Biennale. That’s fine with me. I take it as a week-long bombardment of inspiration and – mostly – wonderful experiences in what is still one of the world’s most amazing, charming and picturesque cities.

I come home confirmed that there is a lot of dynamic, creative and visionary things going on – but, of course, that there are no standards anymore as to what is and what is not quality – not to speak of what is and is not art.


Venezia Collage # 4 © Jan Oberg 2011

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Venezia Series

Late last night I finished a series of four abstract collages based on photos taken in Venice two weeks ago.

There contain mixes of Canon-made photos and Hipstamatic iPhone images. They are lose compositions of shots of many kinds, just reflecting my search for something “Venetian” that contrasts the usual – nowadays souvenir-kitch – image of that city. 


Venezia Series # 2 © Jan Oberg 2011

They will be on show today at the “Cultural Night” of Lund, Sweden, where everybody is on their feet to experience culture in all its forms and shapes.

Otherwise, in the post above you may see how Anders Jönsson and I during this Cultural Night create an experiment…”Pigment Bombs for a More Beautiful World”.