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shoot # 58


Lund, November 24, 2016
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Welcome to shoot # 58
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It’s that time of the year
About a month to go. What more unique gift than an original art photography?
In limited edition, signed and numbered, printed on exquisite fine art photo papers such as Canson and Hahnemühle. Everything done to perfection by the artist from shooting to printing. And only for sale from his studio, no middle-man’s profit. Continue reading

In Memoriam Viggo Rivad 1922-2016 (in English)


Viggo Rivad – born July 3, 1922, died February 8, 2016

By Jan Oberg

Viggo Rivad, grand old man of Danish photography, exhibited for the first time in 1946 and has been influential in his field over almost 7 decades.

He has given Denmark a lot of classical photo series like A Goodbye, Lauritz, Koefod’s School and B&W Teglholmen, several photo books from around the world, public art installations such as at Copenhagen Kastrup Airport and the Danish Railways (DSB); 40,000 negatives donated to the Royal National Library and collections of photos at the Museum of Photographic Art in Odense. His retrospective exhibition there in 2012 counted 180 master works.

Rivad’s official homepageis here.

Rivad was what I would call a humanist photographer or people photographer.

With deep respect for his subjects he gave dignity to the under-privileged, the old and the marginalised people. He would get to know them before he pulled out his camera, even moved in with them and made friends like he did at Kofoed’s School (a centre for people without work, vulnerable citizens and others at the bottom of society) and the occupiers’ movement (BZ) in the 1970s.

He was the photographic story-teller par exellence – and great at talking about his works, their background, his intentions and how he’d created them.

But he wasn’t interested in talking about himself. Modesty is a catchword of high relevance to describe Viggo Rivad – who never wanted to earn his living by photography but served as a taxi driver for decades in Copenhagen, the city he was born in, lived in all his life, photographed and loved. A bit like Saul Leiter. Continue reading

Venezia Series

Late last night I finished a series of four abstract collages based on photos taken in Venice two weeks ago.

There contain mixes of Canon-made photos and Hipstamatic iPhone images. They are lose compositions of shots of many kinds, just reflecting my search for something “Venetian” that contrasts the usual – nowadays souvenir-kitch – image of that city. 


Venezia Series # 2 © Jan Oberg 2011

They will be on show today at the “Cultural Night” of Lund, Sweden, where everybody is on their feet to experience culture in all its forms and shapes.

Otherwise, in the post above you may see how Anders Jönsson and I during this Cultural Night create an experiment…”Pigment Bombs for a More Beautiful World”.