Shoot # 61


Lund, Sweden, April 15, 2017

Jan Oberg
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Dear Photo And Other Art Friend

Welcome to shoot* # 61
The photo above is a digital gift – a moment for reflection – to you from Oberg PhotoGraphics.
Welcome to new recipients. Here is the preceding shoot. 
The image above was shot in Abisko, Sweden about 250 kilometres inside the Polar Circle where “Aurora” or Northern Lights can be seen.


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A blog and video about Oberg PhotoGraphics
A French student at Lund University, Héloïse Dumont, has spent half a year creating a blog devoted to my work as photographer and peace researcher – images and interviews and a video in which I explain various aspects of my work.

It’s just been launched and we hope you’ll visit and comment.

Syria a priority 
Since I visited Syria in December last year, I’ve spent 90% of my time learning, writing and building opinion. My photographic work has been suffering, but the choice is clear for me. And I’m going there again in May. Continue reading Shoot # 61