My 2012 PhotoGraphic Vernissage

I invite you to see some 70 selected works produced during 2012.

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My photographic work is diverse. At this point in my explorations and experiments, I do not aim at developing a particular style or technique. And – perhaps surprisingly to some – there are now no less than 14 categories in my portfolio and there will likely be more in the future.

I am rather much of an intuitive photographer – remember I do photography as a balancing contrast to my academic, analytical and quite political work as a peace studies professor and on-the-ground conflict analyzer/mediator. I’ve never taken even a small course in anything photographic. In addition, I work under circumstances where I cannot always spend hours and hours on shooting the perfect image (can anyone tell me what that is, anyway?)



Cynthia, Burundi 2012 © Jan Oberg 2012

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