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Shoot # 53


Lund, June 13, 2016
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Jan Oberg – Oberg PhotoGraphics

Dear Art Photo friend

Welcome to – improved – shoot # 53 

The above photo was shot in London in May when it turned into the international centre of photography. It’s a digital gift and will appear only here – a moment of joy sent to you from Oberg PhotoGraphics.

If you are a gallery or photographer chances are that you are mentioned in one of the articles below.

A special welcome to many new subscribers and friends on social media. Here is the preceding shoot and you’ll see that it changes a bit with this issue: Content first; more photos many of which only here and not on homepage – thus, special for you, my subscribers.

Finally, shoot will become less regular and – another new idea – sometimes I may shoot a single image your way.

shoot also leads you to the online GlobalArt Magazine that I curate. Click, inspiration guaranteed. It’s sharing of art for cultural bridgebuilding and civilisation – the opposite of war and other destruction. And it’s news from Oberg PhotoGraphics Blog. Tell a friend, send a mail. shoot is free of course!

Networking, sharing and creating positive energy is what I believe in.

I am not an art critic, I’m an art recommender. I write only positive notes, or “recommendations”. What’s the use of telling you what I find boring, bad or bull?

Photo London: 84 leading photo galleries exhibiting their best. Here my Photo London: Positive Notes with quite a few of my images from the fair and short texts. And here some out-of-focus shots from Somerset House. Every art event can be seen as a piece of art!

“Untitled – London in May” © Jan Oberg 2016.

On Oberg PhotoGraphics Blog some positive notes about FIX Photo at Bargehouse, OXO Wharf and here about The Photographers’ Gallery with Deutsche Börse Prize shortlisted photographers.
On June 10, Trevor Paglen was announced as this year’s winner. All four shortlisted could have won – brilliant as they were. And a recommendation of “Painting With Light” at Tate Britain.

Recently hiked in Montenegro’s wild nature with its majestic mountains and magic lakes. Here a few shots – nature photography as well as Gerhard Richter-inspired ‘blurred’ images that I call contours.

“Montenegrin Contour # 7 © Jan Oberg 2016. Click it.

Exhibition “Abstract Real” still on
Visitors tell me that my studio is more like a home than a cool, commercial gallery. You can watch photos and browse books as well as discuss art and global affairs with me. It’s by appointment only and then I am present to care for each visitor.

Non-figurative photography? Some words about it on Oberg PhotoGraphics Blog.
Have a sneak peek here of some of the works that are on show.

Always welcome – just call first! Perhaps one day you need a gift or want to give your own walls a new life.

Crosshatch Series 4-5 © Jan Oberg 2011. Click it

Next shoot
Positive notes to come on Tate Modern with Performing for the Camera and the fine “pairing” exhibits of, say, Monet+Richter and Rothko+Monet there. And about some shots I haphazardly did of objects at the Victoria and Albert Museum’s collections like this:

Jesus at Victoria & Albert Museum © Jan Oberg 2016

I’ll also return to some very interesting works at Tate Britain and other stuff there – except Tracy Emin’s The Bed!

Next Stop: Basel!
This week off to BaselArt Basel, the world’s largest (and most commercial?) contemporary art fair. See a brand new video here. But equally important all the other significant – less posh and more experimenting – events that takes place in amazing Basel such as SCOPE and Photo Basel (2nd year only). Will write about and upload to Instagram, @obergphotographics. 

– that it’s the arts more than anything that keep us human…

My best
Jan Oberg

Shoot # 13

Lunch at Art Basel 2015 © Jan Oberg

Lunch at Art Basel 2015 © Jan Oberg

Basel, Switzerland, June 21, 2015

I shoot out a single photo to you as a digital gift – a moment of meditation – and wish you a good Sunday and weekbegin.

Yesterday, I took this picture of a couple about to have lunch at Art Basel – the world’s largest art fair with almost 300 galleries from around the world each exhibiting their 10-15 best works.

Every artistic medium is represented: paintings, prints, sculpture, installations, video, multiples, photography etc. Overwhelmingly diverse – and commercial. In a week, art is sold for about US$ 3 billion! That said, there is no other place where so much brilliant contemporary art comes together.

All over town there are other events such as the much less elitist SCOPE and, for the first time, Photo Basel. Will share my impressions and pictures soon.

Meanwhile, take a look at the new GlobalArt Magazine which I curate.

My best
Jan Oberg

PS Thanks for all encouraging comments to and sharing of my “Shoot” mails.

Art Basel 2014 (3) – SCOPE (B)

This is the second article about SCOPE in Basel, June 2014, the first here. And among the artists I’d like to introduce to you here is Patrick Tschudi who lives and works in Lima, Peru. At first his works may appear flat and cool, all the people have a round black head and colour is applied very sparsely and never mixed. They are C-Prints in limited editions.

At the same time there is something touching about them.

Patrick Tschudi

Patrick Tschudi

It seems that he is occupied with the role of individual human beings in cities and other spaces where there are masses of people, strangers. The black ball heads are not necessarily a sign of de-humanization but, perhaps, more a way of saying that while we are all individuals we are all exactly that: human beings who don’t have to feel alone but may enter into relationships because of what we all share as human beings?

I find the two people on the bench overlooking a harbour with that huge industrial complex and bridge far away quite moving although I don’t see any obvious attempt to appeal to the spectator’s emotions in Tschudi’s work.

You may see many more on his homepage. The various series and categories have titles such as “believers”, “nowhereland” and “signs”. Perhaps I am attracted to these prints because they are so clearly affiliated with photography.

I have no idea how Tschudi goes about creating them but the point of departure could be a photograph which is processed or, rather, re-created in Photoshop. But that’s just speculation.

What is also interesting is the attempt to reduce everything to its pure forms. His images of everyday activities are reduced to shapes, there are no details. There is a kind of haiku quality to  Tschudi’s works also in the sense that they are not supposed to convey any emotions. They are factual and you may put whatever “meaning” into them you like, if any.

Here are two such works from his homepage.

Patrick Tschudi    trippin' away, lambda print under acrylic glass, (diptych) 50cm x 50cm each

Patrick Tschudi
trippin’ away, lambda print under acrylic glass, (diptych) 50cm x 50cm each

Oh, simplicity and sophistication in one! Continue reading

Art Basel 2014 (2) – SCOPE (A)

Compared with the main Art Basel space, SCOPE is a joy. Much less commercial, more diverse, more open space – and you can often meet the artists themselves, not only their gallerists. And there is more humour and no posh attitudes.

SCOPE is artist-driven. It is situated a good long walk up along the Rhine River’s right side well beyond the Johanitter Bridge – and with the Novartis company on the other river bank. Here you can take as many photos as you like and with any type of camera … 🙂 And – it is a rather  large building but you never get lost, it doesn’t have the labyrinth character of the Art Basel space downtown.

At SCOPE everything is less Continue reading

Art Basel 2014 – will write about it

I’m happy to provide you with this good excuse to rest your eyes for a minute on various kinds of beauty and new insights, small and big, about the world we inhabit together:

My latest works are now on my homepage under “Recent editions” – rather diverse in terms of style and themes.

Browse a bit, see what you like and click the blue top-right button for information about each work (whether you want to buy one or not, that’s where the info is).

Next, the event in the global art world this week is Art Basel. 286 leading galleries from 34 countries present works by more than 4,000 artists, ranging from the great masters of modern art to the latest generation of emerging stars. The show’s individual sectors represent every artistic medium: painting, sculpture, installation, video, multiples, prints, photography and performances.


Art Basel 2013 © Jan Oberg

Art Basel 2013 © Jan Oberg

I’ll be there for as long as it lasts – Thursday to Sunday – and post some notes the next few days on my art photo blog.

The beauty of modern technology is that we can share and tell stories that enrich others at no cost.  Writing these posts about Art Basel helps me process the overwhelming impressions and also share with anyone interested and those who can’t be there themselves.

There will be lots of photos in my posts and of course they will also be on my Facebook, Twitter and Google+ accounts. Hope you will take a look if yu have time!

My very best to you! And welcome to Art Basel…
Oh yes, it’s not only the Fair itself. It’s also Scope, Volta 10 and other places all over town…
Here some useful links

Art Basel (3) – Art in Basel outside Art Basel

There is a lot going on all the time, all over Basel. But there are three major points beyond the Art Basel space itself, namely Parcours in the Klingental area next to Mittlere Bridge – walking distance from the Art Basel Halls and part of Art Basel; then there is Design Miama/Basel which is in the Art Basel complex and, finally, SCOPE at Uferstrasse quite far up – or rather down – River Rhine. And if you have not experienced enough art, you may continue on Tuesday after Art Basel to visit galleries, the Kunsthalle, the Kunstmuseum and Foundation Beyeler – the latter beautifully situated in Riehen some 10 min with a tram out into the countryside. Whether or not you are interested in the exhibition at Beyeler’s you can always enjoy the wonderful collection of works in superb surroundings.

Before you leave the Fair itself for one or more of these, you may relax a  bit and enjoy the breath-taking view on the top-floor bar of the Ramada Hotel right next to Art Basel – and why not with a Campari as I did?

Campari in a glass © Jan Oberg 2013

Campari in a glass © Jan Oberg 2013

Parcours is for the larger sculptures, events, films, performances and installations in the street – and you may also visit an old barrack which is no longer used for military purposes but by artists who rent rooms as their studios. That’s actually what I visited. All of it is much less “fine” and pretentious and you may have a chat with artists, young and old. Continue reading