Shoot # 46

LEDisplay # 1 – © Jan Oberg 2016


Lund, March 5, 2016
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Dear friend!

Welcome to shoot # 46

The above photo is “LEDisplay # 1” and it’s a digital gift from Oberg Photographics – a moment of meditation with which I wish you a good weekend.
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Abstract Real
Last time I mention an article on “Photolution” – the photographic revolution that we are witnessing. Some maintain that photography is the most important art form of our time.
“LEDisplay # 1 depicts reality but it’s also an abstract pattern.

It will be shown at a new exhibition that opens on March 25 – at Easter – with the theme “Abstract Real”. To find out what I’m doing … I’ve written about it on my photo and other art blog and I am very excited about it.

Abstract Bulb So Far Untitled  © Jan Oberg 2016


There is a continuum between the figurative picture of reality and the abstract image with no such references. Photography can now both re-present reality and be abstract, poetic, fiction, dreaming – and fun!

Art photographers knew that long ago – but recent technical innovations open whole new horizons. Have a sneak peek here.

Welcome to “Abstract Real” in the Easter days
Come to the opening on Friday, March 25 or during Easter (more info later for the geographically fortunate nearby).
My studio is always open for you. We just need to make an appointment first (see below). Otherwise…

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Abstract Real

Here’s a background to my exhibition that will open at Easter 2016, Friday the 25th of March  – “Abstract Real”.

Google “abstract art” and you get this definition by Rudolph Arnheim:

“Abstract art uses a visual language of shape, form, colour and line to create a composition which may exist with a degree of independence from visual references in the world.”

It’s often called nonfigurative and “Abstraction indicates a departure from reality in depiction of imagery in art. This departure from accurate representation can be slight, partial, or complete. Abstraction exists along a continuum.”

Further down this excellent Wikipedia entry you read that “Much of the art of earlier cultures – signs and marks on pottery, textiles, and inscriptions and paintings on rock – were simple, geometric and linear forms which might have had a symbolic or decorative purpose.

It is at this level of visual meaning that abstract art communicates. One can enjoy the beauty of Chinese calligraphy or Islamic calligraphy without being able to read it.”

Untitled So Far # 1 © Jan Oberg 2016

Exactly – that’s what I wanted to say too – abstract is a continuum away from re-presentation of the world; it’s about beauty and decoration with no message – except perhaps beauty. It is nothing new and it can depict a reality – but a reality that we don’t “read” concretely and in a broader sense.

So, what about abstraction and photography? Continue reading Abstract Real