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On Google+ from January 2014

Happy new photo and art year 2014! I’ve found that Facebook is becoming too expensive, attempting to squeeze money out of you. Say that some months ago you posted a link and it would be seen “organizally” by 400- 500 people on their feeds (if there was a photo, perhaps more). Over the last few months, this organic reach on Facebook has gone down … Read More On Google+ from January 2014

On Pinterest

Here is my new Pinterest profile. I’ve posted some ‘boards’ with my own photographs, since I want to reach out to potential customers there – 80% of whom are women by the way. In the very near future, I’ll begin to “pin” images, text and videos that I like – all around the issue of art in general and photography, of course, in particular. … Read More On Pinterest

What’s happening and three things I know…

Dear art photo friend Long time, no hear from me! However, let me tell you what’s going on and how I develop my photography. Iran – more photos, no bombs Returning from Iran with 3,000 shots, there was quite some work to do on a small selection. See the first few here. I sense it will be a long-term project – also to do … Read More What’s happening and three things I know…