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Art Basel 2017 – Rothko, Monet, Motherwell etc.

ūüďĹArt Basel 2017 Rothko, Monet, Motherwell, Viola – how exciting! ūüĎĀ Send to a friend who'd love it… #artbasel #sendtoafriend #claudemonet #markrothko #robertmotherwell #billviola #bernardjacobsongallery #artworld #baselart #foundationbeyeler A post shared by Art Photography Peace Global (@obergphotographics) on Jun 30, 2017 at 1:17pm PDT

Konstkv√§llen i Lund 2016

Lund – 10.oktober 2016 Hej konstfoto-v√§n Konstkv√§llen i Lund¬†15¬†oktober Hos √Ėberg FotoGrafik¬†√§r det √∂ppet p√• Konstkv√§llen 17-23 p√• Vegagatan 25 V√§lkommen till dig och dina v√§nner eller familj. Tv√• nya saker… En √§r att jag kommer att visa¬†ett antal okonventionella¬†“photo paintings”¬†(se ovan ett ex): Foton som ser ut som oljem√•lningar. Foton ifr√•n¬†Iran¬†–¬†otroligt annorlunda, g√§stv√§nligt och kultur-intensivt¬†presenterar¬†jag med hj√§lp av ett antal sm√• collage d√§r … Read More Konstkv√§llen i Lund 2016

Shoot # 27

shoot¬†is a digital gift from Oberg Photographics – a moment of meditation with which I wish you a good weekend and “weekbegin.” The photo above¬†“Rouen Cathedral Suite 6/10”¬†is one of ten of my latest edition – a suite inspired by Roy Lichtenstein’s 1969-series based on Claude Monet’s impressionist paintings of the portal of that cathedral in the 1890s. Having lived since 1969 with Lichtenstein’s … Read More Shoot # 27

A meditation – Water Lilies

Here is a nice raw photo of Nature’s beauty. Artists – not the least Monet – has been fascinated by water lilies and so am I. Jan Oberg Water Lilies 2010 (raw) It would be easy to crop it for instance at the far end where there is a bit of the sky…