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A peep into my photo studio

WELCOME to Oberg PhotoGraphics studio ! A quick “guided tour” – some impressions of what I do and how I do art photography. So many who can’t come to Lund, Sweden, have asked me to make such a simple video. I appreciate each and every comment you have! © Jan Oberg 2013

Nya foton & lördagsöppet i december

Hej fotov??n!T??nk lite annorlunda: Ge fotokonst som julklapp! Med priser p?? mellan 125 och 7 000 sv kronor – beroende p?? storlek, kategori, teknik och media – kan du hos ??berg FotoGrafik alltid hitta n??got som blir en positiv ??verraskning f…

My first little entry

Welcome to my photo blog… It’s an experiment. It is informal. I’ll keep it clean and simple. I want to find out whether this is a better publishing option than, say, Wordpress. I want something simple, “minimalistic” and a place where photos can…