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Do a good photo deed for young women in Burundi

Buy a photographic print and give 50% to the woman’s education and family. Here is why and how!

Let me introduce to you Alberthine – “Tina” – Ndayishimiye  who was born in 1991. She studies communication at the Lac Tanganyika University in Bujumbura, the capital of tiny, beautiful Burundi. I met her for the first time this summer and there are now 9 photos of her on my photo homepage.


Tina # 4, Bujumbura, Burundi 2012
© Jan Oberg 2012

Tina is a very proud personality. She studies with diligence and finances her life by working evenings at a hotel reception. She is smart – no one has ever asked me so many and good questions about photography and business. She has not done photography before but as you’ll see right away she is stunning – with natural beauty, expressive face and a fine ability to just be herself and forget that I am there. Thus she is so easy to work with.

Why Burundi?
Many people don’t know where this little country is. It is south of Rwanda and one of the countries at the huge Lake Tanganyika. I’ve worked in Burundi since 1999 to promote reconciliation and peace after the genocide in the 1990s with non-governmental organizations (particularly two youth organizations), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and a private university.
During longer stays I spend my spare time with eight female university students and a group of former street boys. We go to places, take pictures and learn a lot about each other. And we laugh a lot.


Tina # 9, Bujumbura, Burundi 2012
© Jan Oberg 2012

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The advantages of the new photo-related technologies

To follow-up the preceding blog post: What are the comparative advantages of all this? Aren’t we just obsessed with newness and becoming techno freaks hunting down the latest versions of some manipulative tool? Yes, that is a risk – but!

You are still the one to decide what kind of image you want to produce and why. You are still choosing how much you are prepared to let technology rule you, or you rule technology. You can still decide that this particular picture should not be touched but printed rightaway as raw as it’s been shot.

Here are some reasons why I like these recent tecnologies and their potentials:

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iPhoneography printed on different materials

Last night was “Art Evening” here in Lund, Sweden. It’s an annual event and 18 museums and galleries including Oberg PhotoGraphics are open from 5pm to 10pm.

This year I had chosen, together with my colleague and masterprinter Anders Jonsson, to work on a number of pieces shot by the iPhone, not the least by the use of the Hipstamatic app with its many options.


Lund Botanical Garden Fog @ Jan Oberg 2011

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