Art, business schools and other schools: Synergy, please!

I want to share the article below from Financial Times with you – about art collecting by business schools.

The examples here are all from the United States; so are there similar collections at business schools around the world? Furthermore, I would expand it and ask: What about science parks, high-tech research facilities, universities and other institutions for higher education?

One, this is great in and of itself – synergy, creativity, mutual benefit and good for artists to find that sort of clients And good for that type of clients to host pieces from another of society’s creativity fields and giving their staff, visitors and partners a unique experience.

Two, to be honest – like every other artist, I’d like my works to be shown – exhibited by or owned – by such institutions, being seen by young people and older research and teaching staff every day. Continue reading Art, business schools and other schools: Synergy, please!