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“Painting With Light” at Tate Britain

The whole long title of this exhibition is “Painting With Light – Art and Photography from the Pre-Raphaelites to the Modern Age”. Since I believe that photography is an art – like painting or sculpture or graphic prints – the title may feel somehow a little misguided. On the famous other hand, the exhibition covers a period of art history during which photography wasn’t broadly considered an … Read More “Painting With Light” at Tate Britain

Shoot # 14

Lund, Sweden, June 28, 2015 “Couple With Clive Head” – In front of Clive Head’s ‘Thinking About Georges Braque’ 2013 © Jan Oberg 2015 I shoot out a single photo to you as a digital gift – a moment of meditation – and wish you a good Sunday and weekbegin. What happens when we go to exhibitions? Much more than just looking at some art … Read More Shoot # 14

Art Basel (4) – What I like. Simply.

At a place with over 300 galleries and more than 4 000 artists from all over the world, it is of course impossible to mention everything one likes. Actually, if you have the slightest interest in contemporary art, it is much better you go there yourself next year; a pas to all four exhibition days is € 95 and I find it worth every … Read More Art Basel (4) – What I like. Simply.

Do a good photo deed for young women in Burundi

Buy a photo and give 50% to the woman’s education and family. Here is how and why! Let me introduce to you Alberthine – “Tina” – Ndayishimiye who was born in 1991. She studies communication at the Lac Tanganyika University in Bujumbura, the capita…

Burundi Beauty

I’ve worked in Burundi since 1999 to promote reconciliation and peace after the genocide in the 1990s – with non-governmental organizations, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and a private university. During longer stays I spend my spare time with e…

Natural beauty

I find so many pictures of women nowadays “cool”, hard, flashy, “sexy” – utterly un-interesting and artificial. What’s wrong with letting a personality and some humanity shine through too? Why must you look like a plastic doll to advertise a produ…

Working with Natalia in Basel

This is a kind of introduction to a person you’ll also meet at my photo site in the future – Natalia B, a Russian born in 1988 that I take pictures of. Here is the story, or rather the beginning of it – and a little about why I am fascinated by th…