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Shoot # 15

Jim Shaw’s monumental “Capitol Viscera Appliances” (2011) being watched by visitors at Art Basel 2014 © Jan Oberg 2015 Lund, Sweden – July 4, 2015 Hi! Whether you are an old or new friend I welcome you to Oberg PhotoGraphics . Shoot is a single photo, a digital gift – a moment of meditation – with which I wish you a good Sunday and weekbegin. Now, … Read More Shoot # 15

Art Basel 2014 (4) – 14 Rooms

Imagine a large empty factory hall  in the middle of which you have a square room with doors into 14 smaller rooms… You are of course curious about just what is happening behind these doors and there is a brochure explaining it in details. But still – you have to get in, be there…experience the mysteries that a closed door always evokes (and not the least … Read More Art Basel 2014 (4) – 14 Rooms

Gemini G.E.L. – pionering print makers

For about 40 years I’ve followed the production of one of the world’s finest contemporary art printers – Gemini G.E. L. at Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles. My father, F. W. Oberg (1913-1981) who founded gallery Ars Studeo in Aarhus and Copenhagen, Denmark, in the mid-1960s and was a keen long-time art collector bought many prints from Gemini G.E.L. – which means Graphic Editions … Read More Gemini G.E.L. – pionering print makers