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shoot # 57

  Lund, November 6, 2016 Click on images for info, links or prices  Content   • Welcome to shoot – a gateway to the art world • On Edvard Munch, Jasper Johns and crosshatching • New editions, including photo paintings • Collages from Iran • GlobalArt Magazine • Instagram – let’s follow each other! Jan Oberg – Oberg PhotoGraphics – Click Dear photo-and-other-art friend! Welcome to shoot # 57 The … Read More shoot # 57

Munch and Johns and crosshatching

“Take an object Do something to it Do something else to it” – Jasper Johns  In 2011 I made two photo collage works (see below) dealing with the similarities between the Norwegian Edvard Munch and American Jasper Johns – both outstanding painters and printmakers, both interested in psychological explorations and one associated with European/German expressionism, the other with American abstract expressionism. I was inspired, of course, by their … Read More Munch and Johns and crosshatching

Warhol auction hysteria and collector vanity

This is the art world gone mad and this is a comment with just a little irony! Up to USD 227 000 for a work not even signed by Warhol – and no edition size mentioned! In addition it is an utterly simplifying, uninventive, reductionist and boring piece. What’s was your point, Andy? “The Scream” was far from one of Munch’s best works and here … Read More Warhol auction hysteria and collector vanity