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Photo Story – Faces of Aleppo

Faces of Aleppo in Syria – Just of of 4,5 years of occupation hell January 25, 2017 Unique photos from Eastern Aleppo in Syria when it was finally liberated on December 11-12, 2016. The people you see here have just come out to freedom from 4,5 years of the occupation by what can be called RIOTs – Rebels-Insurgents-Opposition-Terrorists – mostly the latter. And most of … Read More Photo Story – Faces of Aleppo

Photo Story: Aleppo’s evil humanitarians

Lund, Sweden, January 9, 2017 TFF Photo Story # 3 by Jan Oberg Unique photos with text from Aleppo’s Jibrin reception center for people finally liberated in Eastern Aleppo December 11-12, 2016. Documentation of the fact that it was the Syrian authorities, the Syrian Army, Russian doctors, the Syrian Red Crescent and volunteering Syrian youth who took care of these destitute internally displaced people. … Read More Photo Story: Aleppo’s evil humanitarians

Photo Story: Humans in liberated Aleppo

The second Photo Story from Syria: Unique photos with text from Eastern Aleppo’s liberation, December 11-12, 2016: Of some of the roughly 100,000 who were finally liberated, of the real humanitarians, the transport between East and Western Aleppo – and of the military, the children, street scenes, a bread queue and the devastation of this once so beautiful, bustling city. Photos of heart-breaking suffering … Read More Photo Story: Humans in liberated Aleppo

Photo story: The destruction of Eastern Aleppo

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shoot # 59

Damascus-Beirut, December 19, 2016 Content   • Welcome to shoot – a gateway to the art world • Syria – documenting incomprehensible violence and suffering • New editions, including photo paintings • GlobalArt Magazine • Instagram – let’s follow each other! Jan Oberg – Oberg PhotoGraphics – Click Dear friend of art photography and other art Welcome to shoot # 59 The photo above is a digital gift – a moment … Read More shoot # 59