Black girl with a pearl earring

This post is about the pastiche I’ve made on Johannes Vermeer’s iconic painting from around 1665 of a Girl With A¬†Pearl Earring. There is both an interesting discussion about how it was – perhaps – painted and a movie inspired by the painting. And there is a discussion, of course, about who the girl is, … Continue reading Black girl with a pearl earring

Art Basel (2) – Some observations and trends

Art Basel (1) Art Basel is two sections – the “classical” two floors in the Fair Centre and the huge “Unlimited” hall with “projects that transcend the limitations of a classical art-fair stand.” Can one discern any trends out of the bewildering diversity of art at the Art Basel? Here are a few observations without … Continue reading Art Basel (2) – Some observations and trends

Miss Aniela’s self-portraiture – an eye-opener

While I have done some portraits over time, it never occurred to me to do self-portraits – for very obvious reason, some would perhaps say – and it still does not appeal to me compared with other objects. But when I recently stumbled upon Natalie Dybisz’ book Self-Portrait Photography. The ultimate in personal expression – … Continue reading Miss Aniela’s self-portraiture – an eye-opener


This blogUntil autumn 2018, this blog contained a mix of posts on photography & other arts by other artists and post with my ideas, works, plans and exhibition. Since I opened my new, comprehensive homepage, posts about my own work can only be found there while this blog is devoted to photography and other art … Continue reading About

My 2012 PhotoGraphic Vernissage

I invite you to see some 70 selected works produced during 2012. If you want to skip my thoughts and go straight to the images, click here:Meditations ??? Mirrors ??? Collage ??? Abstracts & Patterns ??? Burundi Beauties ??? Iraq Before The War …

"Venezia Suite" – 4 collages: A little background & sales info

Venice, Italy is a treasure for photographers. It’s always been considered ‘picturesque’ and over the years several fine photo art books have been published. I am seriously considering creating one, based on my two visits in 2011-2012. This post i…

The advantages of the new photo-related technologies

To follow-up the preceding blog post: What are the comparative advantages of all this? Aren’t we just obsessed with newness and becoming techno freaks hunting down the latest versions of some manipulative tool? Yes, that is a risk – but! You are s…

Technological innovations changes image-making

A series of rather recent technical developments permit photography to go in new directions. I think we should welcome them and explore them – but without letting technology or perfection take over. Photography will always be a matter of shooting …

The Venice Biennale & Venice – Hurry up!

November 27 is the last day, so you’ve got a month to go there. And it’s well worth it. The connoiseurs may have their sophisticated views of what is really happening now, what the significant trends are, etc. I’d say instead: Go there without any…