Photo London 2016: Positive Notes

84 photography galleries from predominantly the Western or trans-Atlantic world exhibiting in the beautiful old rooms of Somerset House at The Strand in London – that is Photo London! One may say that what Art Basel is to other art, Photo London has the potential to become to photography in all its shapes, categories, styles, techniques, expressions, … Continue reading Photo London 2016: Positive Notes

Besök “Abstract Real”-utställningen

Lund, 21 mars 2016 Hej ! Välkommen till min nya utställning och studio på Vegagatan i Lund  “Abstract Real” på Öberg FotoGrafik – som öppnar den 25 mars 2016 kl 10:00. Jag håller samma tider som Påskrundan fram t o m 3:e april; därefter är du välkommen men bara enligt överenskommelse på 0738 525200 eller All information bör stå ovan … Continue reading Besök “Abstract Real”-utställningen

It’s a photolution…

No other art form is going through so big and fast changes as is photography. We are witnesses to a photographic revolution, a “photolution”.   What is it? It has many element coming together in synergy. Here are some: • The smartphones, their ever smaller and lighter equipment with ever more imprssive camera performance. It belongs … Continue reading It’s a photolution…

In Memoriam Viggo Rivad 1922-2016 (in English)

Viggo Rivad – born July 3, 1922, died February 8, 2016 By Jan Oberg Viggo Rivad, grand old man of Danish photography, exhibited for the first time in 1946 and has been influential in his field over almost 7 decades. He has given Denmark a lot of classical photo series like A Goodbye, Lauritz, Koefod’s … Continue reading In Memoriam Viggo Rivad 1922-2016 (in English)

Photo gifts & Open Studio

Lund, Sweden – December 8, 2015 Hi friend If you like… – to make someone happy – perhaps even yourself? – to do things a little differently? – to have many options when making a choice? – then welcome to my Open studio in Lund, Sweden, on Friday, Saturday and Sunday – December 11-13 – from 14 to … Continue reading Photo gifts & Open Studio

Art in Basel and Art Basel 2015

I was there – were you? This year I basically “write” about the Basel Art week through my pictures. You’ll find some in this blog post, some on Pinterest at a board called “Picture At An Exhibition” (oh no, no ref to Mussorgsky who just happened to entitle his piano suite similarly) and some on Instagram … Continue reading Art in Basel and Art Basel 2015

Creating “People Of Islam” and why the Iraq War made me a photographer

I opened this exhibition with the subtitle – Photos From Iran, Iraq, Somaliland and Marrakech – on April 3, 2015. It has come about in a quite natural way. I have worked in some countries where Islam is of fundamental importance and so been exposed to the people living there as well as their problems – … Continue reading Creating “People Of Islam” and why the Iraq War made me a photographer

New exhibition – “People Of Islam”

  Welcome to my new exhibition  “People Of Islam” Selected images from Iran, Iraq, Marrakech and Somaliland April 3-6, 2015 – Easter – Every day 10-18 – after that by appointment only. About the exhibition People and milieus from Islam which the Western world is in constant conflict with. I did fact-finding in Iraq 2002 … Continue reading New exhibition – “People Of Islam”

Oberg art photo concept

Nowadays one must have a mission statement up front and any business must have a core concept. And of course people ask me now and then what kind of idea(s) my works are based on. Here is, in a nutshell what I can say: Art and peace are basic to my photo concept and, thus, to my life. … Continue reading Oberg art photo concept

Bigger – now 5 years old

I went public with my photographic work and opened my little studio five years ago, in May 2009. Part of my plan was that I would devote 20-25% of my time to that, the rest I would remain with my peace work at TFF, The Transnational Foundation. That’s how it has been. What have I … Continue reading Bigger – now 5 years old