“Crosshatching/Pixel Archeology” Series

Art attention and Feathers…

That’s the time it took for you to read this, right? Or less! 💜
Does anyone here know what is the average time #Instagram users spend on #seeing 👁 an image in their #feed?

And here is a timeless shoot of feathers…

Feathers Jan Oberg 2017 #feathers #lightness #movement #airborn #experimentalphotography #obergphotographics @matilda_sjodell

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Two examples of posts I now do regularly on Instagram.

Please note that you can actually click on the hashtags and explore Instagram…

That’s why Instagram


Sharing is caring… – about the arts and my followers! Instagramming!

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It’s not just for your pet, what you ate at which restaurant or what the weather is like where you are (while it is also for that…).

I believe it’s the greatest social media for the art world. And you’ll see me use it more and more – also posting experimental photography that will neither end up here nor on my photographics homepage.

We’re 700 million and counting! Fast!

I think Follow is a good idea…

Sidney B. Felsen, Gemini G.E.L.

Sidney B. Felsen
Co-founder of Gemini G.E.L. – Gemini Graphic Editions Limited – in 1966. It’s an artists’ workshop and publisher of fine-art limited edition prints and sculptures in LA.
I’m very proud at having known Sydney Felsen, now 92 and still runing the shop, since the early 1970s.
We had a very good talk with him at Art Basel 2017.


The next day I met Sidney with his daughter, Suzanne Felsen and here we all are


ULAE turns 60 this year. Congratulations, Bill and friends!

Read more about Universal Limited Art Editions and its amazing history since it was created by Tatyana Grosman.

It remains one of the finest fine art print publishers in the world today.

Here is also more about Cuban-American minimalist painter, Carmen Herrera, who is mentioned in this video – publishing her first prints ever with ULAE at the age of 102!

Art Basel 2017 – Enigmatic sequence…

Frank Stella, Helen Frankenthaler and Jasper Johns… in passing:

Art Basel 2017 – Rothko, Monet, Motherwell etc.