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“shoot” newsletter # 63

Welcome to shoot # 63 Summer months of silence only means that a lot of exciting things are in the pipeline. I welcome all new recipients – and here is the preceding shoot.* The photo above is my digital gift to you. It's "Natalia And Gerhard Richter" – a "classic" from 2011 and one of the new-old works I've selected to be shown at: Cultural Night in … Read More “shoot” newsletter # 63

Old exhibition goes down (2)

The old exhibition comes down to make space for the new exhibition that will open on Cultural Night in Lund, September 16, 2017.

Photo gift: This art work can become yours…

This collage can become yours. Just send me (or write below) a or two words that tell your reaction to it, include you email address and I’ll send it to you ūüíĆ Or SMS +46 738 525200 and you’ll get it! Oh, yes – it’s free! A gift!

A French blog about Oberg’s art photography

One day in 2016 a French 22-year old student of international management, finance and sustainability wrote to me and explained that, as part of her studies as an exchange student at our local Lund University, she was obliged to create a blog on a theme quite apart from the core of her studies. What a brilliant idea it was! She should, as part of … Read More A French blog about Oberg’s art photography

Shoot # 61

Lund, Sweden, April 15, 2017 Jan Oberg Oberg PhotoGraphics – Click Dear¬†Photo And Other Art Friend Welcome to shoot* # 61 The photo above is a¬†digital gift – a moment for¬†reflection – to you from¬†Oberg PhotoGraphics. Welcome to new recipients. Here is the preceding¬†shoot.¬† The image above¬†was shot in Abisko, Sweden about 250 kilometres inside the Polar Circle where “Aurora” or Northern Lights can … Read More Shoot # 61

shoot # 56 – Art photo gift and gateway for you

Mark Rothko at Tate Modern¬†¬© Jan Oberg 2016 Lund, October 12, 2016 Click on images for info, links or prices¬† Content ¬† ‚ÄĘ Welcome to shoot – a¬†gateway to the art world ‚Äʬ†New editions, including Mark Rothko ‚ÄĘ Art Evening in Lund: the “photolution” ‚ÄĘ Collages from¬†Iran ‚Äʬ†Instagram – let’s follow each other! ‚ÄĘ Abstract photography video ‚Äʬ†Venice:¬†Can it still be saved? Jan Oberg … Read More shoot # 56 – Art photo gift and gateway for you

Konstkv√§llen i Lund 2016

Lund – 10.oktober 2016 Hej konstfoto-v√§n Konstkv√§llen i Lund¬†15¬†oktober Hos √Ėberg FotoGrafik¬†√§r det √∂ppet p√• Konstkv√§llen 17-23 p√• Vegagatan 25 V√§lkommen till dig och dina v√§nner eller familj. Tv√• nya saker… En √§r att jag kommer att visa¬†ett antal okonventionella¬†“photo paintings”¬†(se ovan ett ex): Foton som ser ut som oljem√•lningar. Foton ifr√•n¬†Iran¬†–¬†otroligt annorlunda, g√§stv√§nligt och kultur-intensivt¬†presenterar¬†jag med hj√§lp av ett antal sm√• collage d√§r … Read More Konstkv√§llen i Lund 2016