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New exhibition – “People Of Islam”

  Welcome to my new exhibition  “People Of Islam” Selected images from Iran, Iraq, Marrakech and Somaliland April 3-6, 2015 – Easter – Every day 10-18 – after that by appointment only. About the exhibition People and milieus from Islam which the Western world is in constant conflict with. I did fact-finding in Iraq 2002 and 2003 and already before the war, the Iraqis … Read More New exhibition – “People Of Islam”

PhotoArtually Newsletter coming soon

I’ve spent months in thinking up a concept for an Oberg PhotoGraphics Newsletter. PhotoArtually is what I have come up with as an answer to these two questions: How do you communicate as one of a much larger movement – give-and-take? How do you attract art loving people’s attention – and potential clients – by not just broadcasting your own works and achievements? Whether … Read More PhotoArtually Newsletter coming soon

Konstkvällen – Art Night – in Lund, October 18

Det gick riktigt bra på Kulturnatten – över 50 besökande även om det fanns hundratals andra evenemang och Vegagatan ligger en bit utanför centrum. Nu gäller det Konstkvällen lördag den 18 oktober 17-22 – tillfället för dig som inte kunde besöka min studio på Kulturnatten. Jag har också öppet på min helt egen “Konstsöndag” dagen efter 14-17. Det kommer att finnas ett par nya foton av … Read More Konstkvällen – Art Night – in Lund, October 18

Kulturnatten – Cultural Night in Lund: “Salång PåGång”

Unbelievable as it is, Kulturnatten is here again: Saturday September 20. Here is what you may experience in my studio: 30-40 works you have not seen before, a special feature, new types of frames, travel and other photographs on various media plus two short debates. Sålång Pågång continues for about a month – after Kulturnatten by appointment only on 0738 52 52 00 or at … Read More Kulturnatten – Cultural Night in Lund: “Salång PåGång”

Art Basel 2014 – will write about it

I’m happy to provide you with this good excuse to rest your eyes for a minute on various kinds of beauty and new insights, small and big, about the world we inhabit together: My latest works are now on my homepage under “Recent editions” – rather diverse in terms of style and themes. Browse a bit, see what you like and click the blue … Read More Art Basel 2014 – will write about it

Black girl with a pearl earring

This post is about the pastiche I’ve made on Johannes Vermeer’s iconic painting from around 1665 of a Girl With A Pearl Earring. There is both an interesting discussion about how it was – perhaps – painted and a movie inspired by the painting. And there is a discussion, of course, about who the girl is, or could have been – nobody seems to know. … Read More Black girl with a pearl earring

On Google+ from January 2014

Happy new photo and art year 2014! I’ve found that Facebook is becoming too expensive, attempting to squeeze money out of you. Say that some months ago you posted a link and it would be seen “organizally” by 400- 500 people on their feeds (if there was a photo, perhaps more). Over the last few months, this organic reach on Facebook has gone down … Read More On Google+ from January 2014

Konstkvällen i Lund 19 oktober 2013

Bara en månad efter Kulturnatten 21 september kommer nu Konstkvällen, som alltid infaller på tredje lördagen i oktober. I år har 19 museer och gallerier mm öppet 17-22. Öberg FotoGrafik är den tjugonde. Jag var riktigt nöjd med Kulturnatten – kring 60 kom även om min lilla studio ligger längst borta från centrum. Allt jag visade var nytt och det är (med vissa undantag) … Read More Konstkvällen i Lund 19 oktober 2013

A peep into my photo studio

WELCOME to Oberg PhotoGraphics studio ! A quick “guided tour” – some impressions of what I do and how I do art photography. So many who can’t come to Lund, Sweden, have asked me to make such a simple video. I appreciate each and every comment you have! © Jan Oberg 2013

Book: “Phoetry – Poetic Photography of Lund”

Poetry + Photography = Phoetry! This is my 2012 book containing 75 photographs from Lund, the city I live in, in southern Sweden. I did everything including the design at the online super-quality art (and other) book publisher, Blurp. This is also where you may browse the entire book or buy it as an e-book for your tablet. Its superb paper quality and crisp … Read More Book: “Phoetry – Poetic Photography of Lund”

New homepage section: Recent editions

If you are a frequent visitor to my photo homepage, you may find it time consuming to go through all the 19 different image categories and try to figure out whether I have posted a new photograph in one of them since you last visited it. So today I have created a new section called “Recent Editions”.  It is the last under “Galleries” but … Read More New homepage section: Recent editions

Basel Flowers

A couple of years ago I took this iPhone image (with Hipstamatic app) at the central market square in Basel, Switzerland. I thought the colours around that yellow bucket were so crisp and a joyful and the Hipstamatic app created the frame, yellow to the left and pink to the right in amazing harmony with the flowers. Basel Flowers # 1 © Jan Oberg … Read More Basel Flowers