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Déjà Vu, Syria And Multi-Media Photo Collages – The new show

This “Three-In-One” exhibition opens on the “Night Of Culture” in Lund, September 16 16-22, at Vegagatan 25. The show has three categories: • Déjà Vu. Some earlier works that have been enhanced through re-editing and re-printing. Here is one example, “Natalia And Gerhard Richter”: • Hope and Suffering in Aleppo, Syria Unique, strong images of the suffering people who came out from 4,5 years … Read More Déjà Vu, Syria And Multi-Media Photo Collages – The new show

The “Victoria And Albert Multi-Exposure” Series

A series of five of a bust at the Victoria and Alberg Museum, experimenting with multi-exposure in order to achieve a sense of movement. I mean, how does one make marble sculptures come alive on a rainy Sunday afternoon in London? Additionally, this short video is an example of what I am going to use more often in the future, both here on my … Read More The “Victoria And Albert Multi-Exposure” Series

It’s a photolution…

No other art form is going through so big and fast changes as is photography. We are witnesses to a photographic revolution, a “photolution”.   What is it? It has many element coming together in synergy. Here are some: • The smartphones, their ever smaller and lighter equipment with ever more imprssive camera performance. It belongs to the past that, say, iPhone photos had to … Read More It’s a photolution…

Creating “People Of Islam” and why the Iraq War made me a photographer

I opened this exhibition with the subtitle – Photos From Iran, Iraq, Somaliland and Marrakech – on April 3, 2015. It has come about in a quite natural way. I have worked in some countries where Islam is of fundamental importance and so been exposed to the people living there as well as their problems – problems related to conflicts and war. I did fact-finding … Read More Creating “People Of Islam” and why the Iraq War made me a photographer

Oberg art photo concept

Nowadays one must have a mission statement up front and any business must have a core concept. And of course people ask me now and then what kind of idea(s) my works are based on. Here is, in a nutshell what I can say: Art and peace are basic to my photo concept and, thus, to my life. Other elements are: • diversity of themes, seeing the big and the … Read More Oberg art photo concept

Black girl with a pearl earring

This post is about the pastiche I’ve made on Johannes Vermeer’s iconic painting from around 1665 of a Girl With A Pearl Earring. There is both an interesting discussion about how it was – perhaps – painted and a movie inspired by the painting. And there is a discussion, of course, about who the girl is, or could have been – nobody seems to know. … Read More Black girl with a pearl earring

A peep into my photo studio

WELCOME to Oberg PhotoGraphics studio ! A quick “guided tour” – some impressions of what I do and how I do art photography. So many who can’t come to Lund, Sweden, have asked me to make such a simple video. I appreciate each and every comment you have! © Jan Oberg 2013