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Art Basel (4) – What I like. Simply.

At a place with over 300 galleries and more than 4 000 artists from all over the world, it is of course impossible to mention everything one likes. Actually, if you have the slightest interest in contemporary art, it is much better you go there yourself next year; a pas to all four exhibition days is € 95 and I find it worth every … Read More Art Basel (4) – What I like. Simply.

Miss Aniela’s self-portraiture – an eye-opener

While I have done some portraits over time, it never occurred to me to do self-portraits – for very obvious reason, some would perhaps say – and it still does not appeal to me compared with other objects. But when I recently stumbled upon Natalie Dybisz’ book Self-Portrait Photography. The ultimate in personal expression – in an art bookstore it was certainly an eye-opener … Read More Miss Aniela’s self-portraiture – an eye-opener