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Contains articles and videos on photography & other arts in general + my ideas, works, plans and exhibition news related to my official homepage at Oberg PhotoGraphics.


– a 2016 selfie

Jan Oberg
Born 1951 and got my first camera when I was 7 and always took pictures of people, of places and of just what came to me.

I began to be serious about photography in 2009 and opened a small gallery space (about 75 square metres) at Vegagatan 25 in Lund, Sweden where I also live.

Since my parents were art collectors and my father ran an art gallery, I grew up surrounded by contemporary art. First Danish painters including Asger Jorn and other COBRA, later Danish, European and American prints by Hockney, Warhol, Johns, Lichtenstein, Rauschenberg, Kelly, Stella, Motherwell, Hamilton…

I have worked over almost 40 years as a peace researcher, peace studies professor and international mediator in places like former Yugoslavia, Somalia, Iraq, Georgia, Burundi, Iran, etc. And been a visiting professor in Japan, Italy, Austria and Switzerland. In 1985 my wife Christina Spannar and I founded the Transnational Foundation for Peace and Future Research, TFF, that still operates as independent think tank with 50 Associates around the world aiming to promote the UN Charter norm that ‘peace shall be established by peaceful means’.

I guess – indeed I hope – that my devotion to the larger world comes through in my photographic work too. I’m somewhat interested in exploring alternatives to all the images of violence that fill our everyday media world.

I call what I do “photographics because my works – printed on matte papers, canvas and sometimes steel – appear more like graphic prints than glossy photos.
I do many and different things, work with what I think there is or can be found in a raw picture, experiment as much as I can and therefore do not seek to develop one ‘style’.

I take responsibility for the whole process from shooting to printing. And I deal personally with all my visitors and clients.

My works can only be purchased from me – directly on the website, through correspondence for special editions or visits to my gallery.

More on my Oberg PhotoGraphics that is regularly updated and on my blog about photography and other art which is frequenty getting new posts. And more about my background and activities at Jan Oberg – Life, Peace & PhotoGraphics.


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