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Shoot # 60


Woman With Cart in Hanano, Eastern Aleppo, Syria © Jan Oberg 2016

Lund, Sweden, February 24, 2017
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 Aleppo, Syria – documenting incomprehensible violence and suffering
Giving war victims a face
The little girl from Aleppo
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Dear friend of photography and other art!

Welcome to shoot # 60
The photo above is a digital gift – a moment for reflection – to you from Oberg PhotoGraphics.
Welcome to new recipients. Here is the preceding shoot. 
The image above was shot in Eastern Aleppo, Syria, when it had just been liberated in mid-December last year.
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Aleppo, Syria
It’s more than two months since last. And this shoot is very different from what I normally send you.

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Featured on Swedish blog on ways to enjoy life

Two connected individuals who call themselves Arletta and Ellington write a much-appreciated blog “Att Smaka Livet” – “To Taste Life” – about different kinds of enjoyment and joys that life can bring when and if we are attentive.


Signature photo from the blog “Att smaka livet” blog

They visited me around new year and spent three hours in my studio where we touched not only upon art and photography – and how I do what I do and how I get inspiration – they also took a keen interest in my work as a peace and conflict researcher just having returned from a fact-finding mission to Damascus and Aleppo in Syria.

A very joyful meeting resulting in two fine articles alas in Swedish – but you’ll get the gist.

Jan Oberg: Make art not war

Cross-hatching och nöjet av Prins Charles’ hår

My gratitude to them for being so interested and catching so well what art photography is all about for me.