Shoot # 17

“Encounter With The Art World” – 2014 © Jan Oberg 2014 – Click to enlarge and get info

Whether you are an old or new friend I welcome you to Oberg PhotoGraphics .

Shoot is a single photo, a digital gift – a moment of meditation – with which I wish you a good weekend and weekbegin.

Today’s photo is of a little girl’s “Encounter With The Art World” – a picture from 2014 that stimulated my interest in developing a series called “Picture At An Exhibition” – see sketches at my Pinterest board. 

Since last I have completely re-designed ObergPhotoGraphics – interactive, better picture presentation and super-functionality on your phone, tablet and screen.

Don’t miss the new GlobalArt Magazine which I curate. Exciting “flip-reading” of articles and videos that permits you to explore today’s global art! Welcome to follow it!

Special Collection

This new “Special Collection” has been created specifically with connoisseurs, galleries and collectors in mind.

My best
Jan Oberg

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