Shoot # 8

Inès # 6 (MakeUp) - Burundi - © Jan Oberg 2010
Inès # 6 (MakeUp) – Burundi – © Jan Oberg 2010

Lund, Sweden – May 16, 2015

I shoot out a single photo to you as a digital gift – a moment of meditation – and wish you a good weekend and weekbegin.

The girl doing her make-up is Inès from Burundi, taken five years ago. I choose beautiful Burundi today because of the very serious risk now of civil war or genocide there.

More images of Burundian women and the street boys I have worked with. I’m deeply concerned about their fate now.

Thanks to everyone for responding to shoots, for your  kind words and for sharing them so often.

And take a look at the new GlobalArt Magazine – not only exciting content but also a totally new reading and viewing experience both on your phone, iPad and computer screen.

My best
Jan Oberg

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