Shoot # 4

"Ahmed And The Fish" - Baghdad 2002 © Jan Oberg 2002
“Ahmed And The Fish” – Baghdad 2002 © Jan Oberg 2002

Lund, Sweden – March 28, 2015

I shoot  out a single photo to you as gift.

This is “Ahmed And The Fish” taken in Baghdad in January 2003, two month before the war began. I wonder whether he is still alive and, if so, how his life is. More about it here.

I’m happily surprised that so many have written to thank me for the earlier shoots and often with very kind words. Many also share them. Thanks a lot!

Soon to come…

1. I’m working day and night on my next exhibition parallel to the Easter Art Fair – “Konstrundan” – her in Skane in southern Sweden. Its theme is “People of Islam – Images from Iraq, Iran, Morocco and Somaliland.”

It’s my tiny contribution to bridge-building and respect between our cultures. Opens next Friday April 3. Welcome!

2. My PhotoArtually Newsletter with lots of news about photography and other art.

3. Something about Iranian art; I was in Tehran in December last year.

And soon another shoot or two.

My best & enjoy your weekend!
Jan Oberg

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