Month: March 2015

Shoot # 4

Lund, Sweden – March 28, 2015 I shoot  out a single photo to you as gift. This is “Ahmed And The Fish” taken in Baghdad in January 2003, two month before the war began. I wonder whether he is still alive and, if so, how his life is. More about it here. I’m happily surprised that so many have written to thank me for the … Read More Shoot # 4

Shoot 3

Lund, Sweden – March 20, 2015 I shoot  out a single photo to you as a New Year gift – tonight is Norooz, the New Year that’s celebrated by over 300 million people, including the people living in Iran. With it I say, Happy New Year to all my Iranian friends! And to all the rest: Have an exciting weekend! This is “Yazd Gate” … Read More Shoot 3

Shooting images in Marrakech, Morocco

What an exciting place! Eldorado for photographers and lovers of art, history, colours, mild and hospitable people – and lots of features of Islamic culture and art. Marrakech – there are so many “must see” places and even more milieus to explore on your own, without a guidebook. There are new sights, surprises and motives around virtually every corner – a day with a camera … Read More Shooting images in Marrakech, Morocco

Shoot 2

Lund, Sweden – March 14, 2015 I shoot out a single photo to you as a gift, wishing you a good weekend. This is “Venice Bench” which I took in Venice in 2007. All about it here. Soon to come… 1. My PhotoArtually Newslettr for March. 2. Info about my next exhibition parallel to the East Art Fair – “Konstrundan” – in Skåne in … Read More Shoot 2

Shoot 1

Lund, Sweden – March 5, 2015 After two silent months, I shoot  out a single photo to you as a gift, a tiny break in your busy day. This wall was shot at sunset recently in Marrakech, Morocco. Marrakech is an eldorado of photo opportunities and plans to be a future world centre of photography. It’s an ideal place to experience the rich history, architecture, … Read More Shoot 1