Nowadays one must have a mission statement up front and any business must have a core concept. And of course people ask me now and then what kind of idea(s) my works are based on.

Here is, in a nutshell what I can say:

Art and peace are basic to my photo concept and, thus, to my life.

Other elements are:

• diversity of themes, seeing the big and the small world where I go;
• photo graphics – meaning a graphic print-like appearance on matte fine art papers;
• variety of media – fine art papers, canvas, sometimes metal and mixed media;
• honouring the advice of my mentor, grand old man of Danish photography Viggo Rivad: it is you, not some expensive equipment, that create the good picture;
caring for the entire process – from shooting to printing, framing and marketing;
• experimenting with the above, not aiming to find a niche or one style that can be repeated;
inspired by artists such as Robert Rauschenberg, Gerhard Richter and David Hockney as well as by classical art – e.g Vermeer in “Black Girl With A Pearl Earring” (2014);
• inspired by contemporary photographers – too many to mention; travel to art and photo fairs as much as I can;
• identifying my work mostly with art photography but also documentary;
• making extensive use of new technologies, the Internet and social media;
• always having my Nikon D7000 and/or iPhone at hand;
• exploring randomly what peace photography could be;
• open to commissioned work, portrait or others required tasks;
• offering clients quality and security, incl. a signed print documentation at purchase which guarantees the authenticity of the work, what paper it is printed on with which printer, size of edition, number and signature etc.;
truly personal service – my works are for sale only by me and in my studio or via correspondence you’ll always deal directly with me.

Updated October 2016.

About the Author JO

Welcome to my official personal home. I'm a peace researcher and art photographer.


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