Month: June 2014

Art Basel 2014 (5) Photography and painting dialogue…

  You may have guessed that I am looking for art photography in particular here in Basel? You are right! And I am happy to report that there is so much of it; photography is as accepted as an art form as, say, painting, film, sculpture, prints and multiples. Secondly, there are interesting “dialogues” between photo and painting. Gerhard Richter – whose exhibition at the Beyeler … Read More Art Basel 2014 (5) Photography and painting dialogue…

Art Basel 2014 (4) – 14 Rooms

Imagine a large empty factory hall  in the middle of which you have a square room with doors into 14 smaller rooms… You are of course curious about just what is happening behind these doors and there is a brochure explaining it in details. But still – you have to get in, be there…experience the mysteries that a closed door always evokes (and not the least … Read More Art Basel 2014 (4) – 14 Rooms

Art Basel 2014 (3) – SCOPE (B)

This is the second article about SCOPE in Basel, June 2014, the first here. And among the artists I’d like to introduce to you here is Patrick Tschudi who lives and works in Lima, Peru. At first his works may appear flat and cool, all the people have a round black head and colour is applied very sparsely and never mixed. They are C-Prints in limited editions. At … Read More Art Basel 2014 (3) – SCOPE (B)

Art Basel 2014 (2) – SCOPE (A)

Compared with the main Art Basel space, SCOPE is a joy. Much less commercial, more diverse, more open space – and you can often meet the artists themselves, not only their gallerists. And there is more humour and no posh attitudes. SCOPE is artist-driven. It is situated a good long walk up along the Rhine River’s right side well beyond the Johanitter Bridge – … Read More Art Basel 2014 (2) – SCOPE (A)

Art Basel 2014 (1) – It’s the money, stupid

Basel, June 19, 2014 Prelude: You can’t use your camera unless you pay – rip off! The commercialisation of the art market is rampant. A work that suddenly a very high price at an auction is considered – by people who have little or no knowledge of art, much less love of it – to be great. This type of art is concentrated these very days in … Read More Art Basel 2014 (1) – It’s the money, stupid

Art Basel 2014 – will write about it

I’m happy to provide you with this good excuse to rest your eyes for a minute on various kinds of beauty and new insights, small and big, about the world we inhabit together: My latest works are now on my homepage under “Recent editions” – rather diverse in terms of style and themes. Browse a bit, see what you like and click the blue … Read More Art Basel 2014 – will write about it