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Bigger – now 5 years old

I went public with my photographic work and opened my little studio five years ago, in May 2009.

Part of my plan was that I would devote 20-25% of my time to that, the rest I would remain with my peace work at TFF, The Transnational Foundation. That’s how it has been.

What have I learnt? Is it something that can be useful to you, dear reader?



When I started out in 2009 it was a kind of ”let-me-try-it-and-see-what-happens.” Today I know it’s a ”for-the-rest-of-my-life” endeavour. That’s # 1.


Split personality

It’s problematic to not be able to give 100% of your time to something you love and I have not been able to solve that issue and probably won’t for the next few years either. I can’t just abandon my peace work, travels, teaching etc. But I can push the balance towards 30, 40 or higher percentages in the future.


Peace and photo

Shall peace and photography be completely separate? Continue reading