Month: January 2014

Photography as photography and not as representation

Most visitors to my studio ask questions such as – Where was that taken? Is that really a photograph? Who is that person, or where is she from? How did you take it? etc. I’ve even heard people asking, when looking at a complete abstraction of some trees, Where did you see these trees? All these questions reveal a – perhaps unrecognized – assumption, … Read More Photography as photography and not as representation

On Google+ from January 2014

Happy new photo and art year 2014! I’ve found that Facebook is becoming too expensive, attempting to squeeze money out of you. Say that some months ago you posted a link and it would be seen “organizally” by 400- 500 people on their feeds (if there was a photo, perhaps more). Over the last few months, this organic reach on Facebook has gone down … Read More On Google+ from January 2014