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Warhol auction hysteria and collector vanity

This is the art world gone mad and this is a comment with just a little irony!

Up to USD 227 000 for a work not even signed by Warhol – and no edition size mentioned!

In addition it is an utterly simplifying, uninventive, reductionist and boring piece. What’s was your point, Andy?

“The Scream” was far from one of Munch’s best works and here is a fast kind of “copy” adding nothing of value – more or less turning it into a Warhol-style piece: Andy Munch aka Edward Warhol. There you go.


SCREAM (AFTER MUNCH) – Photo from Sotheby’s catalogue on the link.

Wherever Andy is, he must be laughing at how easy it is to fool people who don’t know better. The disease may well be called collector vanity. Whatever we call it, fact is that the emperor is stark naked.

If you permit me – my “after Munch” is much better! How much will you pay when I tell you that it is signed by me, in a limited and numbered edition, roughtly the same size, printed on Canson fine art paper and you get a authentication document with it!

My price is US $ 600 (unframed like Warhol’s).

On a more serious note…


© Jan Oberg 2012

…who can do what to save the art “market” from its own worst enemies? The enemy here is not Warhol but the dealers, collectors, reproducers, auction houses, investors (with no interest as such in art), the consultants who tell art ignorants where they should gamble to make a profit and…the perverse times we live in when there is no longer a necessary connection between quality/work effort and price, where everything is a commodity and the rest is hype and marketing…

Book: “Phoetry – Poetic Photography of Lund”

Poetry + Photography = Phoetry!

This is my 2012 book containing 75 photographs from Lund, the city I live in, in southern Sweden. I did everything including the design at the online super-quality art (and other) book publisher, Blurp. This is also where you may browse the entire book or buy it as an e-book for your tablet.

From the Phoetry book © Jan Oberg 2012

From the Phoetry book © Jan Oberg 2012

Its superb paper quality and crisp colours makes it the ideal coffee table book, gift or your best memory from your visit – or send it to a friend abroad. The municipality already uses it as a gift to visitors from abroad. Continue reading