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Know your homepage visitors and how they behave – and you’ll know better what you must do

You’ve put tons of hours into creating the best possible homepage for your art pieces. But that is only the beginning: it has to be promoted too. Now what results can you find? Are you doing well enough? What can and must be improved?

Today I gathered the maximum of courage and logged into my Google Analytics account to see what there is to learn about visits to my new photo homepage. It covered the first month it was active – March 22 to April 21 this year.

There were 1,989 visits and 2,313 page views. The average duration of a visitor was, however, only 27 seconds! In average each visitor saw 1,6 pages (out of some 300). So, is it time to close your business? I really don’t think so – but, sure, we all hope for more positive results given the huge investment we’ve made. 27 seconds! – that’s not a way of treating my photos?

Wait a sec, let’s take a closer look

Google Analytics tells you very very much and here is only a fraction of all the statistics you get at your account:

© Pavement # 18 – Jan Oberg 2013

This is where my visitors came from: 953 were from Sweden, 292 from Denmark and 202 from the U.S., the rest from surprising places such as Bangladesh and Jamaica but also France, Switzerland, the U.K and Burundi (from where I have two picture series). In other words, there are visitors in about 180 countries that I should “target” for instance on Facebook and Linkedin when I do ads.

Images of young men and women from Burundi are also those seen by most visitors. And about 10% of my visitors use mobile devices such as iPhones and iPads to see my works. Continue reading

Berlin by chance and life moments

Took a few days off to explore one of the leading cultural capitals in today’s Europe – on my way to another, Basel, where I teach peace at the World Peace Academy.

Once again, I’m taken aback by the intensity of culture and history in Berlin. Not only 600 art galleries but art everywhere, not the least street art.

It’s important to experiment and grab the moment. I had my iPhone and Nikon D 7000 with me. I shot this one out of the train window on my way from Friedrichsstrasse to Nature Park Schöneberger Südgelände:

© Jan Oberg 2013

The more I looked at it Continue reading