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Påskutstållning online…

Hej konstfoto-vän!

Glad påsk!

I år finns min påskutställning online.


Comrade Jesus
© Jan Oberg

Mycket på gång!

Läs på min nya foto-blogg där jag kommer att ha info av olika slag framöver. Prenumerera!

Jag har skapat en ny hemsida med bättre presentation, texter, sökmotor, navigering samt online-butik där du kan beställa ett foto i den storlek o det utförande du önskar.

Det finns nya foton i en rad gallerier som t ex “Alberthine” här

Det finns också 4 helt nya gallerier nämligen
“Iran” – “Black & White Studies” – “Nature” och “Street Photography”

Hemsidan är kärnan i en ny internationell kommunikations- och marknadsstrategi baserad på sociala medier.

Det är en oerhörd spännande värld – mycket nytt att lära. Sociala medier håller på att revolutionera den globala konstscenen, inte minst den fotografiska.
Det vill jag satsa på framöver.

Från galleri till studio

Framöver blir det mindre av galleri/utställning och mer av en studio där du fortlöpande kan se lite av varje, provtryck, nya färdiga tryck, experiment och kanske en gammal sak tryckt på ett nytt sätt.

Som hitintills är du välkommen att besöka mig; bara avtala tid först på 0738 52 52 00 eller

Hjärtligt välkommen!


Är du på Facebook så ta en titt här och Like/Subscribe – mycket frekventa poster om konst runt om i världen, inte bara fotografi. Och är du inte kan du ändå se det hela utifrån!

What’s happening and three things I know…

Dear art photo friend

Long time, no hear from me! However, let me tell you what’s going on and how I develop my photography.

Iran – more photos, no bombs
Returning from Iran with 3,000 shots, there was quite some work to do on a small selection.
See the first few here. I sense it will be a long-term project – also to do public education to prevent that some ignorant politicians start destroying this fabulous culture and people – more than they already have with their threats and their economic sanctions. I hope to return to Iran rather soon.


Two Women, A Child And A Man in Isfahan, Iran 2012 © Jan Oberg

Homepage for Viggo Rivad
I have developed a homepage for my 90-year old mentor, Viggo Rivad, as a small token of my gratitude. In addition to being the Grand Old Man of Danish photography, Rivad ought to be recognized internationally for his remarkable devotion to the art of photography since he took his first picture in 1946. I’m happy I could be the one who provides him with the first decent presence on the Internet and thereby a window of opportunity worldwide. Check it out here – and do write a greeting to him. It will warm his heart and mine! Here’s a post with a little more of my gratitude to Viggo

Thank you, Anders
My old printer died a natural death and I had to search for a new second-hand, better printer. Took three months to find it. My dear friend Anders Jönsson served once again as my adviser and fine-tuned the connections between computer, screen colours and printer and even done hand-made colour profiles. Wow! Thanks a lot, Anders! Continue reading

Homepage for Viggo Rivad

Viggo Rivad is the grand old man of photography in Denmark. He turned 90 in July 2012 and is still going strong – although he says that he has now done his duty when it comes to taking pictures. That is true. He has donated about 40,000 to the Photography Museum in Odense and to the National Library.

Viggo is my mentor. We met in 1983 when we were both members of a Danish delegation going to China, arranged by the China-Denmark Friendship Association. I had just bought my first SLR – Single-Lens Reflex – Cannon camera and in Tokyo, on the way to Beijing – I added an advanced zoom lens. He taught me a lot of “tricks” during that trip and his sense of humour became legendary in the group. We met after that trip too, now and then but not that often.


Viggo Rivad 2009                             © Jan Oberg 2009

Photographers are usually not that happy about being photographed. Viggo was no exception, but in 2007 he accepted that I took a few shots of him in his small flat in Copenhagen where he had lived for decades. I felt it was an honour, an act of friendship – the feeling that I was accepted not only as me but also as someone who could take photos, someone he trusted.

Before I decided to set up my own studio and become more serious about photography, I consulted with many and sought their advice. I avoided some mistakes, but not all – perhaps fortunately. After having opened the studio in May 2009, the 2nd exhibition I arranged was with a selection of Viggo Rivad’s classical pictures – both black-and-white (which he is most known for) but also colours (which he wants people to take into account too). I felt that his works should be my first “real” exhibition.

It was a lovely co-operation; Continue reading

Where my works and my visitors shall feel at home

It makes me happy to launch my new homepage stuffed with the latest photo homepage technology and features in a minimalist design.

If you want to reach out to people and implement an international market strategy, the logical center of it is a professional homepage – a place that really shows what you do and why.


After considerable market research I settled for and would like to recommend it to anyone with needs like mine. They have excellent themes on which you build you own site; although it does require some knowledge to build it, the instructions are well-written, the support is quick and very helpful and it offers you – for a very reasonable monthly price – a series of options to achieve what you want.

So, what was it I wanted? Continue reading