Month: October 2012

Exhibition “Convertibles”

Exhibition 11 “Convertibles” – 15 Photos by Anders Jönsson and 24 by Jan Oberg, October 20 – December 31, 2012. The idea behind this exhibition is described in this post and this.

Konstkvällen i Lund, 20 oktober 2012 – 17-22

Hej fotov??n!”Konstkv??llen i Lund, n??sta l??rdag den 20 oktober 17-22V??lkommen p?? Vegagatan 25 17-22 !1) P?? ??berg FotoGrafik har vi h??ngt upp nya foton, bl a “Convertibles” (nej, inte bilar!) Id??en kan du l??sa mer om her. Dahlia Convertib…


This is about what I call convertibles.* Woman at a Yakitori restaurant – Convertible Jan Oberg 2007 Most likely you see this picture as a kind of abstract painting. But it isn’t. It’s an adapted – or cultivated – version of a photograph I have …